Mountain Cattle Alliance

Mountain Cattle Alliance

Mission Statement: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.

mountain-view-1The Mountain Cattle Alliance was formed by cattle producers that for generations have grazed cattle in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.This Alliance is producer-driven and was created in conjunction with WNC Regional Livestock Center, located in Canton, N.C. Our goal was to create a marketing plan that can benefit cattle operations of any size in a value-added program.

As Producers, we need to market our product verses the traditional selling. To Market, we advertise or promote.To Sell, we give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

We have created a market through education, utilizing better management practices and our willingness to move forward in the cattle industry. Our continuing goal is to produce a quality product and build consumer confidence.



Mountain Cattle Alliance Vaccination Protocol 2021 


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Western North Carolina Regional Livestock Center

“Producer Owned and Producer Driven”

WNC Regional Livestock Center
474 Stock Drive Canton, NC 28716

Mission Statement: WNC Regional Livestock Center is dedicated to effective sales, marketing and education to increase the economic well being of family farmers and producers throughout Western North Carolina.

The WNC Regional Livestock Center had its grand opening March 21, 2011. The facility is an acre under roof with some 8,000 square feet of sales arena, office and educational space. This much-needed marketing hub in Western North Carolina is also home to the Mountain Cattle Alliance.

The managing operator chosen to lead this endeavor was local cattleman John Queen of Southeast Livestock Exchange. The Livestock Center has enabled us to educate producers on the importance of adding value not only to their individual operations, but to the cattle industry as a whole in Western North Carolina. With the help of our local cooperative extension agents, we regularly schedule cattle workdays, BQA workshops and educational programs as continuing education for cattle producers.

Grazing cattle in the mountains of Western North Carolina has long been a part of our mountain heritage. As cattle producers, we need to understand the balancing act between tradition and moving forward to prosper in agriculture. The WNC Regional Livestock Center is an essential step towards a sustainable future for the cattle industry in our region.


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