Coastal Carolina Cattle Alliance

coastal-carolina-page-image“We strive to provide quality pre-conditioned cattle marketed in truckload lots that maximize the economic well-being of local producers and improve the reputation of Eastern North Carolina cattle.”

The heart of eastern North Carolina is one of the most productive regions of agriculture in the United States.  It is blessed with hard- working, diversified, self-sustaining farmers and What began as a conversation between John Queen and Garland Parker about helping the cattle producers in eastern North Carolina became a reality.  Five producers marketed twenty load lots of home-raised calves when the Coastal Carolina Cattle Alliance held their first annual sale on August 20, 2008, in conjunction with Southeast Livestock Exchange, LLC.

With the assistance and advice of John Queen, fellow cattleman and owner of Southeast Livestock Exchange, the alliance has moved forward, focused on improving their cattle genetics, herd health programs and management practices.  The alliance has grown not only in cattle numbers, but alliance members.  On January 15, 2013, the Duplin County Livestock Facility held its grand opening.  This facility enabled the Coastal Carolina Cattle Alliance to sort and load cattle as well as educate producers on their product.

Coastal Carolina Cattle Alliance is the perfect example of producers “being a part of something greater than themselves”.
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truck-imageDuplin Livestock Facility

(Buying Station in operation every third Wednesday of the month unless otherwise posted)

275 Fairgrounds Drive
Kenansville N.C. 28349

Cattle producers from Duplin County and the surrounding areas of North Carolina recognized the value in marketing truckload lots of pre-conditioned cattle. In 2008, five cattle producers from Duplin County banded together to form Coastal Carolina Cattle Alliance. By 2010, this alliance had grown to over 30 farmers, each representing different- sized cattle operations. This influx of producers and cattle presented a need for a facility where cattle could be sorted, weighed and shipped out. The Coastal Carolina Cattle Alliance realized they must work cooperatively to get this done.

In February, 2012, construction began on the Duplin County Livestock Facility and on January 15, 2013, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held. Without the support of grant agencies, area farmers, the Duplin County extension agency and former livestock extension agent Brandon Cox, this facility would not have been possible.

The Duplin County Livestock Facility will always represent what can be accomplished when everyone works together. This facility doesn’t represent the completion of a dream, but the beginning of a future.


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