Benefits Of Our Sale

Benefits of Our Video Sale

  1. Cattle are presented on the farm in their natural environment.   This not only showcases the cattle, it reflects on management practices of the producer.
  2. Producers can take advantage of value-added programs not only in load lots of their own, but alliances as well.
  3. Southeast Livestock Exchange, LLC, has made a valiant effort to market your cattle to their greatest potential.  Producers can work one on one with us to take advantage of current markets for future delivery.
  4. Producers have no responsibility or expense of trucking.  However, they can determine weighing conditions.
  5. Payment is made to producer by Southeast Livestock Exchange, LLC, through a bonded custodial account.

Load lots of country-fresh cattle are sold on contract for immediate-to-future delivery using the most accurate form of price discovery available, competitive bidding.

On auction day, the buyers and sellers can either be present at the auction site or view the auction via DVAuction.

The Video and Internet Auctions are conducted live, with an auctioneer, as cattle are sold to buyers bidding at the auction site, via telephone, or on the internet “Click to Bid”.

After the cattle are sold, a livestock purchase agreement stating the terms and conditions of the sale is prepared and sent to the buyer.  Following the auction, a Southeast Livestock Exchange, LLC (SELEX) agent or representative contacts all parties to arrange delivery.

On the day of delivery, the SELEX agent or representative is present to oversee the sorting and loading of the cattle.

The cattle are shipped directly from the seller’s farm to the buyer’s destination, which greatly reduces stress and potential health problems.